Iran Cultural-Natural Tour

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15 Days and 14 Nights
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  • Vakil Mosque, Shiraz

Basic Information:

In the following, you can find basic information about Iran Cultural-Natural Tour

15 days
Travel style
Best time to go
Max group size
Physical rating
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Age requirement
Minibus / Middle bus / Private car depending on your group size

Iran Cultural – Natural Tour Overview:

Landing to PERSIA, you can find yourself in a country with a rich history, many rituals, and traditions, four-season nature including mountains, deserts, coastal areas, and forests. In 15 days, you will explore Persia by visiting the natural and historical heritage from central to southern parts. Immerse yourself in natural highlights of Persian Gulf zone. Then, beyond nature, you get amazed by the other must-see in Persia civilization including the Persepolis and Pasargadae. Continue your adventure in the desert wonders and outstanding monuments in the central part of Iran.

Tour Highlights:

  • You can rest assured you experience the most of Persian highlights.
  • Visit at least 11 amazing UNESCO world heritage sites
  • One international Geopark and one international wetland


  • The priority in sightseeing may be changed. It is due to the time of your arrival, your guide’s discretion. Also official and unofficial holidays of some museums.
  • Hotel check-in time generally is at 2:00 PM. So, according to your arrival time, if you need an early check-in you must book an extra day.


Included Services:

Professional licensed guide and drivers + (Guide assistant for 16 pax and more).
All accommodation:

  • 14 nights in hotels / guesthouse / ecolodge


  • The price includes double and twin rooms in Hotels. Obviously, single rooms cost an extra fee.
  • Private or single rooms are not available in the traditional guesthouse. No Bed, but sleeping equipment is traditional comfortable Mattresses and Blankets.
  • 14 breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 bottles of water + fruits + snacks per day


  • The number of meals depending on your arrival and departure time may be changed.
  • Vegetarian dishes are also possible upon request.
All transfers and transportation:

  • Minibus / Middle bus / Private car depending on your group size
  • 3 domestic flights
  • Visa authorization code processing fee is Free

Excluded Services:

  • International flights
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips to local guides and drivers
  • All entrance fees to sites mentioned in the itinerary

Optional Services and Tours upon Request:

  • Chahkuh canyon and Qeshm salt cave (one extra day).
  • Kharanaq historical village and Mesr desert and sand dunes (one extra day).
  • Maranjab desert and sand dunes, Maranjab caravanserai, salt lake (one extra day).
  • Possibility to stay with Nomads in the tent on the 5th day of the tour.
  • Possibility to have a horse riding for 2-3 hours on the 10th or 11th days of the tour.



Day 1: Landing to PERSIA (Tehran)

Welcome to Iran. To be met by your tour guide at the airport (IKIA airport), you will be transferred to your hotel. We will visit Golestan Palace* and grand bazaar of Tehran (depends on arrival time). Then go Nature bridge (night sightseeing).
O/N  in Tehran


Day 2: Persian Gulf

In an early morning, we fly to Qeshm. After arriving and checking in to the hotel, we visit Qeshm International Geopark**. First Iran's geopark, with spectacular scenery. Then after having lunch, we visit the Laft historical seaport. Wooden fishing vessels and cargo ships in colorful forms. Then we visit Mangrove forest, which its yards depend on the tide and plays an important role in the marine ecosystem of this region. And to finish the day, we visit Stars canyon.

O/N in Qeshm


Day 3: Feel Free within Nature

In the morning, after checking out of the hotel, we move toward Hengam Island by launch (boat). Hengam Island is a protected area in natural resources, and if we get the chance, we will encounter the beautiful dolphins of Persian Gulf. Then we go to the airport to fly to Shiraz.
O/N in Shiraz


Day 4: The Glory of Iranian Culture

We spend the whole day sightseeing Shiraz. We visit Vakil historical complex (Public Bath, Bazar, Mosque), Narenjestan historical complex, Nasirolmolk mosque (Pink Mosque), Shahcheraq holy shrine and Jame Atigh mosque.
O/N in Shiraz


Day 5: Welcome to the Persian Empire

An early start takes us to Persepolis* (Takht-é Jamshid), the heart of the Persian Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, walk through a complex of palaces and temples that are said to be one of the architectural wonders of the world. Massive winged bulls, derived from Assyria but given a characteristic Persian stateliness, greet us at the head of a grand stairway wide enough for five horses to ride abreast. The stairway leads up to the vast platform on which the entire site is built. On the stairway up to the Apadana, the reception hall to the palace of King Darius I, survey the hundreds of figures carved in low relief exactly as Darius and Xerxes saw them. They look so fresh they might have been carved yesterday. The small museum in Persepolis has been created from the ruins of a building called the “harem of Xerxes”. After Persepolis, we visit Pasargadae*. Our explorations take us to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pasargadae* to see the impressive, elevated Tomb of Cyrus and to walk through the different sections of the ancient city: the residential Palace, the Audience Hall, the Gatehouse, and the curious Zendan-e Soleyman.

Then we go back to Shiraz to visit Eram garden* with its beautiful cypress-lined avenues leading to an elegant summer palace.
O/N in Shiraz


Day 6: Live like Caveman

In the morning we check out of the hotel to visit Tashk international wetland**. The site lies in the eastern Zagros Mountains, 50-160 km east of Shiraz, and includes two very large salt-lakes that one of them is called Tashk and is fed by overflow from the marshes at its west end and by a large permanent spring in the northwest. Then after Having lunch in the way to Meymand, we arrive at Meymand rocky village*. The village of Meymand, which has been inscribed in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2015, is one of the most exceptional living complexes that has been formed according to the needs of human beings.
O/N Cave guesthouse in Meymand (the only accommodation in Maymand with more than 3000-year-olds).


Day 7: Looking for Ganj (Treasure)

In the morning after checking out of the hotel, we move toward Kerman. In Kerman, we visit Ganj Ali Khan historical complex and old bazaar. Ganj Ali Khan Complex is constructed during Safavid dynasty and is included of a caravanserai, a water reservoir (Ab Anbar), a mosque, a school, a square, a bazaar, and a bathhouse.
O/N in Kerman


Day 8: Glory of Desert

Today we continue visiting rest of Kerman. We start by visiting Shazdeh Mahan Garden*, a great example of Persian gardens, where you can get relaxed in. It also represents a high contrast between a lush garden and a harsh desert in the background. Then we visit Shah Nematollah Tomb*. A Sufis who have traveled a long way to pay homage to their Sufi master Shah Nematollah Vali in his shrine. Then we leave Kerman and go to Shahdad Historical City.
O/N in Shahdad guesthouse


Day 9: Imaginary Desert Fort

In the morning, we explore in Kaluts*. It is created by the wind and rain, and they are the unique structures in the desert. From a distance, they look like the ruins of an enormous legendary city with grand palaces and buildings both short and high. We will also visit the world’s biggest Nebkhas with regard to the height and vastness on its west side. Then we go to Zein-Aldin caravanserai. The caravanserai dates to the 16th century and is situated on the ancient Silk Road. It is one of 999 such inns that were built during the reign of Shah Abbas I to provide facilities to travelers.
O/N in Yazd


Day 10: Religions Crossway

Today the beautiful city of Yazd and its culture. We start by visiting the Zoroastrian tower of silence. We visit the temple and its grounds, and then the Tower of Silence, or Dakhma, where the bodies of the deceased were placed, to avoid contaminating the earth as a Zoroastrian funerary tradition. Then we visit Old adobe city of Yazd* which is located in the remote desert and is built almost entirely of adobe and is an architectural wonder. To deal with the extremely hot summers, many old buildings have magnificent wind towers, with large underground areas to circulate cooling air. Yazd has been a Zoroastrian center since Sassanian times. We finish the day by visiting Jame mosque of Yazd.
O/N in Yazd


Day 11: Feel Adobes

Today, after checking out of the hotel, we go to Naein to visit its historical parts. There are some of the most outstanding monuments in all of Iran. Then we drive to Isfahan. Iranians say that their lovely city is “half the world”. We explore Isfahan in the night time.
O/N in Isfahan


Day 12: Glory of Iranian Arts

We spend the whole day exploring Isfahan.

We visit Historical bridges in Isfahan. The capital of the Safavids from the 16th century on, Isfahan is said to have the most beautiful bridges. We view two of them, Pol-e Si-o-Se as well as the ornate Pol-e Khaju.

Then we visit the magnificent Jameh Mosque* with its famous Uljaitu Mihrab of the Il-Khanid Period and with UNESCO World Heritage status. Then we continue on to the Naghsh-e Jahan Square*, yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gigantic open plaza is framed by a wall of arches and surrounded by two of the Islamic world’s most impressive mosques, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque* and the Imam Mosque*. Both houses of worship contain magnificent architecture and tile-work.
O/N in Isfahan


Day 13: Look on Central Desert’s Life

Today after checking out of the hotel, we will leave Isfahan to move toward Kashan. On our way, we will visit Madar-shah caravanserai. Then we go to Abyaneh historical village. the village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies.
O/N in Kashan


Day 14: Modern Tehran

In the morning, after checking out of the hotel, we will visit Fin Gardens*, another one of the UNESCO Persian Gardens.  In keeping with many of the gardens of this era, the Fin Garden has many stunning water features that are fed from a spring emerging from a slope behind the garden. Circulating pools and fountains were created using only the water pressure of the waterway. Then on our way, we visit Ouyi underground city. The underground city of Ouyi (Noushabad), located 5km north of Kashan, Isfahan province, is considered a notable piece of ancient architecture. After arriving in Kashan, we will visit one of the Historical houses in Kashan. Then we move toward to stay the night in Imam Khomeini International Airport.
O/N in Tehran


Day 15: Missing Persia (Departure)

Transfer from Hotel to IKIA airport for departure flight.

All sites with * sign are submitted in UNESCO world heritage.
All sites with ** sign are submitted in some international conventions. (Ramsar convention of wetlands, Geoparks,…)