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Iran Dress Code

December 27, 2017
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The dress code in Iran for women has always been a hold back for many female travelers but many of them is just a misconception.

Since the revolution of 1979 all women in Iran, including foreigners, have been required by law and custom to wear loose-fitting clothes to disguise their figures. They must also cover their hair but a scarf for a part of your hair is enough This form of dressing is known as Hijab, a term that refers in general to ‘modest’ dress, and is also used to refer specifically to the hair-covering.

This is absolute nonsense that women in Iran confront constraint in the color of their clothing. They can make up; it is not an issue, same with nail polish. And most of the women prefer to wear a manteau (A trench coat type of clothing that comes in a variation of materials and styles)which can be long, short, tight, or loose, with different colors. They are probably the best idea during summer.Tunics are a great option for this season in Iran. If you don’t have a tunic, you might find a long tank top that can be layered up with a light cardigan.

But there is some rules that you should follow them. For example Places like mosques and shrines require full covering. Chadors are often available for visitors on the site or you can get yourself one at a very affordable price.

Iran Dress Code for Women
Dress Code in Iran
Dress Code in Iran

You might even have a dress that could fit in the criteria that can be paired with skinny jeans.It depends on what you choose! You just not to be abnormal. Even in big cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, etc; people are more comfortable than smaller cities or villages. At last I can assure you the dress code is quite free and easy especially when you are a non-Iranian. Society won’t expect you to be like a religious Muslim and Hijab in Iran is not a matter of concern as much as you think. Many beliefs about it is false. Here are some tips to make things clear and easy so that you don’t have to dress up like your grandma and also avoid any trouble.

Remember, you’re a tourist anyway. The worse that can happen is a simple request. Things are easier on you than you think, so don’t make it harder than it is.

Many people of the world think that the women who have Hijab are astonish and bad.But they have chosen this kind of clothes just because of their culture and it is just something that they would like to be.So you can’t judge people from what they wear or the kind of haircut and the people that have Hijab are a part of society and they can communicate with all kind of people and live next to each other.

So Iran is not a strange place. I suggest you to travel here!

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