Yazd, World Heritage City

Yazd Provence is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the center of the country and its provincial capital is Yazd. The province has eight Counties: Abar Kooh, Ardakan, Bafq, Taft, Saduq, Mehreez, Maybod, and Yazd.


Being located beside the central mountains far from the sea, adjacent to the Dasht-e Kavir Desert Yazd has a climate that mostly resembles dry desert climate. Little rain along with high water evaporation, relatively low dampness heat and great temperature changes are among the factors making this province, one of the driest parts of Iran, with the exception of the mountainous region of Shir-Koh with mild temperature.


Always known for the quality of its silk and carpets, Yazd today is one of Iran’s industrial centers for textiles. There is also a considerable ceramics and construction materials industry and unique confectionery and jewelry industries. A significant portion of the population also employed in other industries including agriculture, dairy, metal works, and machine manufacturing. There are a number of companies involved in the growing information technology industry, mainly manufacturing primary materials such as cables and connectors. Currently, Yazd is the home of the largest manufacturer of fiber optics in Iran. Baghlava, Ghotab, and Pashmak are the most popular sweets made in the city.

Mosque of Amir Chakhmaq
Mosque of Amir Chakhmaq also called new jam-e Mosque of Amir. The mosque is famous for its architectural and work of arts. The mosque was built during the Safavid’s Emperors (AD. 1501- 1732), with the order and efforts of Amir Jalal-Al-dean Chakhmag Shami Governor of Yazd, the hallways embellished with beautiful tiles, which grant further beauty to the building and gives stunning and admire feelings to visitors and tourists.

Fire Temple of Varharam (Bahram)
This building erected with efforts of Zoroastrians and the Parsees of India in A.D.1934, the building has a large courtyard with big trees, always green and thriving. The large round ponding entrance of the courtyard, adds to the beauty of the building. It is being believed the fire was brought from Anahita Fire Temple in Fars Province, for this reason, it has been given special attention and respect to the site as a holy place to Zoroastrians.

Local Crafts

Kashmir, Brocaded silk, Velvet, Wrapper for bed, Pileless carpet, Blanket, and Sheet. Yazd Province is also famous for its sweets like Baghlava, Ghotab, Pashmak (cotton candy), Zolbia and Gosh Fil and nuts like Pistachio, almond, and walnut.

Historical Attractions

Yazd is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Ancient and Important historical attractions in Yazd province are Sageneh and Khargooshi inns, caravanserais of Hose- Jafar, ValehAbad, and old houses are in the city of Ardakan. Ali Abad caravanserai, old water storages, old castles of Islamiyah, Shavaz and old garden of Golshan are in the city of Taft. Great tower (Minaret) of Golshan, old citadel and mausoleum of Sepahsalar in the city of Tabass, castles of Khormirz and Saryazd in Mehriz.

Water storage of Hassan Abad, castles of Barjin, Rokn Abad, and Narin are in Maybod. Old houses of Lareyha, Arabs, Rasolian, Hat makers, Malek A1 Tojar, and Asadi, old water storages of Seyed, Sahra, six air vent holes (six Badgir), Khajeh, Golshan, and Rostam, old schools of Khan, Ziyaæyeh, Abu-al-mali, Domana, andTop of Form Abdulrahim Khan, castles of Ibrahim Abad, Zarach and Aez Abad in Yazd.

Religious Attractions

Most important religious attractions in Yazd Province are Old mosques of Zirdeh, Haji Rajab, Zardak, Muhammad Hossein, Kharanegh, and Jam-e Mosque in Ardakan. Old mosques of Shodeh, Islamiyah, Bida Khoyed, Tarazjan, Khanqah (monastery) are in Taft. Holy shrine of Tabas, Jam-e Mosques, and Mehr Padin are in Mehriz, Holy shrines of Khadijeh Khatoon in Maybod, Jam-e Mosque, Mir Chomagh Mollah Ismail, Zaviyeh, Sabat, Four Minaret (Menar), Mausoleum, of Abu Jafar, Seyed Khalil, Twelve Imam, Shah Reza, Seyed Gol Sorkh, Rokn Aldin,Shams Aldin and Zoroastrians holy shrines in city of Yazd.

Natural Attractions

The most Amazing and beautiful natural attractions in Yazd province are: Caves of Hamaneh, Ashkoft and Abolghasem Rashti are in Ardakan. Caves of Frashah and B’ad Maesom are in Taft. Natural spring of Gharbalabiz, Gardens of Golkar, Akrami and Sarasiab are in Mehriz. Maybod old Glacier, Gardens of Dowlat Abad, Khan, Kolah Farangi, and Moshir are in Yazd.


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