Isfahan, Half of the World

Isfahan Province is one of the 31 Provinces of Iran. It is suited in the center of the country and its capital is the city of Isfahan and was once one of the largest cities in the world. Isfahan Province divided to nineteen townships including Aran, Bidgol, Ardestan, Isfahan, Barkhovar, Meymeh, Khomeini Shahr, Khansar, Semirum, Shareza, Faridan, Feryedun Shahr, Flaw-Verjon, Kashan, Lanjon, Mubarakeh, Nain, Najaf Abad, and Natanz.


The regions in the west and central are mountainous have the mild and dry climate, east and northeast surrounded by Dasht-e Kavir Iran’s largest desert, hot and dry.

City of Isfahan

The city of Isfahan is located in the lush plain of the Zayandeh Rood (river), at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range. The city enjoys a temperate climate and regular seasons. No geological obstacles exist within 90 km north of Isfahan, allowing cool northern winds to blow from this direction.

Situated at 1590 meters above sea level, it receives an average of 355 mm of rain per year. The temperature ranges between 2 and 28 degrees Celsius. The city of Isfahan experiences an excellent climate with four distinct seasons. Today, the city retains much of its past glory. It is famous for its Islamic Architecture, with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques, and minarets. This led to the Persian proverb Isfahan Nesf-e Jahan Ast: “Isfahan is half of the world”.

Local Crafts

Isfahan has long been one of the centers for the production of the famous Persian carpets and rugs weaving which flourished in the Safavid era, Carpet weaving taken seriously by the people of Isfahan. They started to weave Safavid designs and once again became one of the most important nexuses of the Iranian rug weaving industry. Isfahan carpets today are among the most wanted in world markets, having many customers in western countries.

Isfahan rugs and carpets usually have ivory backgrounds with blue, rose, and indigo motifs. Rugs and carpets often have very Symmetrical, balanced designs and excellent quality. other crafts and designs include penmanship, enamel work, inlaid work, silvery, ceramic, tile, and crockery. Also, ask for Gaz and Popak (sweets).

Historical Sites in Isfahan Province

Beautiful palaces and mansions of Ali Qapu- early 17th century, Chehel Soton (the palace of forty Columns), Hasht Behesht (the place of eight paradises), famous bridges of Si-o-Se POI (the Bridge of 33 Arches) Over the Zayandeh Rood (considered epitome of Safavid bridge design-1602), Khaju, Shahrestan (11th century), Marnan, Saadat Abad, caravansaries of Sheikh Alikhan, Mahyar, Sara-ye- Sephid, Mirza Kochek, Khonsareha, Manar Jonban (a famous minaret), Chehel Doukhtar, Sar-e ban, Ziyar, Rahrovan, Atashgah (Zoroastrian FireTemple), Dar Alzia, very beautiful “Imam Square” (Naqsh-e Jahan)-1602 and Meydan-e Kohneh (Old Square), inscriptions of Abusaid Monastery, entrance to Ghaysar-e-yeh, bazaar, Haron Valayat, old school of Chahar Bagh, Baba Ghasem, Mullah Abd Allah, Mirza Hassan, Kaseh Garan, Jalaliye, Mullah Gotb, old houses, old pigeon towers In Isfahan.

Jogand Caravansary, Fin garden, Panjeh-e Shah, Mullah Ghotb, old houses caravansaries of Jogand, Gomrok, Moteh, museums of Fin Gardens and National Museum of Kashan Tour Caravanseray in Golpaygun, Naein and Bagh Bazaar, Mansions of Taj Abad in the city of Natanz are the most historical attractions in Isfahan Province.

Si-o-Se pol is one of its kinds, built during Safavid Dynasty (Shah Abas-el), With the expense and supervision of Sardar Allah Verdi Khan and considered epitome of Safavid bridge design and it is the longest bridge over The Zayandeh rood fin Castle and Garden- is one of the most glorious and stunning mansion in Isfahan Province, and build during Safavid era. During the Qajar era, some additions added to the mansion. Today this place is the most attractive place for tourists from near and all around the world.

City of Kashan

Kashan is another jewel city in the province of Isfahan and a city in the desert. It had an estimated population of 324,501 in 2016. Kashan is one of the ancient cities of Iran and discovery in Silk Hills region proves pre-historical life existed in Kashan.

The historical Fin Gardens and Bazaar are the highlights of Kashan and a fine example of traditional Persian architecture. Bazaar has many interesting buildings inside it, like mosques, caravanserais and water storages and many more. Kashan is world famous for its carpets, also has a name for silk, ceramics, copperware, and rose-water.


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